About Kara

Falling in love is the greatest risk you can take.

Welcome to Kara River blog, my personal tribute to fashion, travelling, good food and life as I know it!


I have a degree in fashion in my pocket and I’ve worked with successful designers and stylists. I’m interested in introducing ways of being stylish on a budget and bringing outfits to life with styling and personal touches. Positive body image, sustainable fashion and choosing style over trends: that’s what my personal style choices are about.

I’m always getting inspired by the things I see. I’m a dreamer, a bookworm, a storyteller and a design enthusiast. After moving to England, I’ve gotten really into hiking and exploring the northern part of the country. I enjoy travelling near and far, decorating my home, trying to make my house plants flourish and sitting down for a good meal.

My boyfriend is a foodie and we enjoy eating together – wether it’s in or out. He’s gotten me into trying new things and therefore I want to share some of our favourite recipes and restaurants with you.

Kara River is a lifestyle blog of a fashion and design loving traveller. I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear from you, so if you have any comments, please don’t be afraid to post them.

Photos with me in them are usually taken by my boyfriend, unless otherwise mentioned. All other photos are taken by me.





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