20 Things That Made Me Smile Today

  • Having brunch in a cozy coffee shop on a cold and amazingly sunny day. 
  • Being able to wrap up in your warmest winter layers and wear your favourite sunglasses at the same time. 


  • Getting a free cappuccino from Booths.
  • Having a family of geese follow you in a queue, because apparently your take-away coffee cup looks delicious.
  • Finally getting a new phone after years of not owning one with a decent camera, and walking around taking photos of everything and everyone!
  • Managing to successfully give directions to a person who was lost.
  • Getting or giving roses for no reason at all.


  • Buying a piece of wooden furniture and after getting home with it, noticing that the wood matches with the rest of your wooden stuff. Score!
  • Spending the Sunday afternoon putting together a piece of furniture, that will bring you one step closer of making your first apartment seem like a dream home. These moments are made even better with acoustic autumn playlist on the background! 
  • Loudly declaring your plans to do your christmas shopping early this year, even though everyone knows you won’t succeed. 
  • Drawing a horribly ugly picture of a reindeer and having your boyfriend tell you it’s wonderful.
  • Making a perfect ballerina bun without really trying. 
  • Cafes where you pay by how many minutes you spend inside. 
  • Finding an old letter from your best friend.
  • Buying a kilogram of Nutella. Just because.
  • Having the Bonfire Night fireworks go off close enough to be seen from your window and turning watching them into a hot chocolate drinking game. 
  • Reading your favourite book for the 34th time. 
  • Calling your grandparents. You should always remember to call your grandparents.
  • Sentenced candles, especially the pine tree ones. 
  • Planning a meet-up with a group of people who love wine and good food as much as you do.



I hope you too had plenty of little things to smile about today!





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