Fairytale Levi’s


Jeans – (Vintage) Levi’s | Top – River Island | Shoes – Levi’s | Handbag – Lindex

“Those jeans give you the proper 80’s ass!” My best friend cried out when I wore this second-hand Levi’s jeans for the first time. I still don’t know if that was a compliment or not. It probably wasn’t, but I fell in love with this pair of Levi’s instantly, even though I usually don’t wear light coloured jeans for the exact reason, that they make my bottom half look a few sizes bigger than it is. But I have decided to embrace it.

After wearing stretchy skinny jeans every day for so long, putting on properly made jeans seems like a challenge. I had already forgotten the feel of unyielding cotton and tight, high-fitting waist. I know that so called mom jeans have been a thing for a while now and I’m actually joining a fading trend, as lower waisted boyfriends are trying to come back now instead. But oh well. I have dreamed of owning some Levi’s for a quite a while now, so it doesn’t matter to me, as nothing beats vintage Levi’s.

These photos were taken in Alnwick gardens, when we had a little castle hunting holiday in Northumberland. I’m going to do a little photo diary post about the trip, as it was magical. For instance, these gardens are like straight out of a fairytale, even in heavy rain.


Have a good weekend, everyone!




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