The Polkadot Revival



I have been trapped for days. On a resent holiday, I managed to strain rotation muscles on my right shoulder and that has led me to a long sick leave filled with shoulder exercises and boredom. I’m not complaining too much though, as this involuntary break on my routine is not all bad. All summer long I was working long hours and had my mind filled up with worries and stress, but now I’m forced to have a little break. At least from the physical side of it.

I can’t do my favourite free time activity, sleeping, because my arm is in such pain, but I have been enjoying getting up early, making some coffee, lifting my feet up and putting on a silly I-would-never-seriously-watch-this film on from Netflix. Yesterday I was determined to go and have a Sunday afternoon drink, but instead ended up watching the rain and stormy wind from the window with my trusty coffee mug. I had already twisted and cursed myself into the polkadot top (everything becomes so difficult when you can’t really use your right hand!), so even though the outfit is nothing but a Sunday-funday look, I decided to get some photos of it and revive my blog from it’s summer hibernation. Background is my wallart wall, that I’m determined to fill with posters and prints from different places, exhibitions and events I have been to. Most of my things are still waiting to be framed though. (I just noticed that you can see a reflection of a football game from the posters. Duh!)

I’m so in love with polkadots, I doubt this little thing will be the only one I’m wearing this autumn. It’s from H&M Trend, and my jeans are also from their conscious collection. That brings to mind, that I just came across this rather exciting article about a H&M funded research in Hong Kong Institute of Textiles, with which they have managed to come up with a revolutionary way of recycling textiles – something that the world really needs. I’m excited to hear more about this. I may have a lot of critical things to say about H&M, but I’m truly pleased with the research they are funding. Hopefully they are able to turn the fast fashion industry into more sustainable direction soon (I dream big, ok?).

I hope you’re enjoying your week!




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