Lisbon Visual Diary: Part 4


Here we go, the 4th and final part of the Visual Diary entries from Lisbon! It is a random mixture of shots taken on our last day in the beautiful, colourful city. I also decided to include some photos from our Airbnb apartment, that we were extremely happy with!

The Sweet Inn studio apartment was a modern flat with very pleasing interior, good location and it came with everything you could possibly need, even on a longer stay in the city. I prefer having an apartment to yourself when you travel, instead of a hotel. It gives you freedom and plenty of privacy. It also means that you have to go out and find a supermarket where to do your shopping, as you have your own kitchen in use. There’s nothing wrong with hotel breakfasts, but trying to cook your own meals with local ingredients is just a major part of the fun for me! Maybe I’m just not very good with the holiday concept…

This was our first time using Airbnb, but definitely not the last one!

To conclude the diary entries, if you’re planning a trip to Lisbon as your summer holiday, here’s a simple must-see and -do list of Lisbon:

  • Eat the local food. Time Out Market is fantastic place to start from and it’s especially good, if you’re in town for only a couple of days. Remember to visit the bakeries as well, as the pastries are a must-have.
  • Find the viewpoints. The city is full of them, all you need to do is find them.
  • Get inspired by the azulejos. I’ve got so many photos of the colourful tiles stored up in my hard drive! I got obsessed with finding complex patterns and striking colours everywhere, that it became like a tile bingo game.
  • Get lost in Alfama. Don’t rush your visit there, just enjoy wandering in the narrow streets and stop by a restaurant to listen some Fado.
  • Don’t forget to visit Belem. Just saying.


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I’m going to have to start posting about my stay in Santorini soon.

Hope you’re all good!






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