Gone With the Culottes


Shirt – H&M Trend

Culottes – Vintage

This wrapped blue gingham shirt was my trusted stable for the spring and early summer. I just found out that it’s now on sale in H&M, so I guess it’s about time to introduce it! I just love H&M Trend shirts, as seen from an earlier post as well.

But I know the real question is about the wider than wide trousers. I know I look like I’m about to take off with the wind with them. They are a beloved vintage find, I got them when I happened to be at the right place at the right time. A second hand store in Helsinki got the leftover stock of a clothing store that went out of business in the 70’s and as I happened to be there and see these massive culottes on the pile – I just had to get them! The linen blend material of them is tricky, but just right for the summer days. But talk about an authentic vintage find! I just love wearing culottes, even though I’m short. These are a good summertime option for my black faux suede culottes, that have been the most important and worn piece in my wardrobe for a while now.

The weather is just right for a walk by the canal. I hope you’re loving the summer days wherever you are!






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