The Best Time of The Day


Breakfast is the best time of he day to me. I can’t start my day without reserving some time to sit down and eat properly. I have a rare day-off today, with no need to go anywhere, which gives me a chance to spend some time with myself.


Since moving to England, I’ve only brought some of my favourite pieces with me from my rather large collection of tableware. If I had my full sets here, it would be easy to present my breakfast in a more appealing way.

In Finland, it’s customary for young people to collect sets of tableware, receive pieces of them as gifts from relatives on every occasion, like birthdays and graduations, so that when you get a place of your own, you at least have nice dishes to eat out of. I have plenty of tableware by Finnish design brands like Iittala and Arabia, but as I only came to England with one piece of luggage with a 23 kg weight limit, I had to leave them behind. I may bring a favourite mug or couple of breakfast plates with me every time I visit home, but mostly our tableware consists of Sainsbury’s sets. My Arabia coffee mug (which is actually supposed to be a large tea mug, I think) is very dear to me, as it was a gift from my best friend. I always have my morning americano from it.


This is my first day off after getting back from my first real holiday. After getting back from Santorini, I have been graving for the food. I started every morning there with a fresh santorinian salad, which has now become a very stable addition to my breakfast. Some cucumber, tomato, olives, onion and feta cheese with vinegar and olive oil – so simple and fresh!

Otherwise I most often start my stress-free mornings with avocado on toast with an egg sunny side up and coffee. The busy mornings I start with porridge and fruit. I tend to eat porridge often until I get sick of it, so it’s a very coming and going obsession.

How do you start you mornings?





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