LBD for Day & Night in Lisbon


Dress – H&M By Night

Shoes – Zara

Me and my boyfriend had a lot to celebrate, when we visited Lisbon. It was both of our birthdays and our anniversary. We didn’t plan beforehand how to spend the celebration days, as we just wanted to discover Lisbon without the “travellers stress”. I also wanted to go easy on packing, so I eliminated most of the fancy evening wear options. I only packed this one velvet LBD that I ended up wearing the most often during our trip, out of all the things I packed. I wore it for several dinners, but as we were just enjoying each other’s company, no pictures were taken. So on the last day of the trip, I wore it all day. Although it is a bit too fancy for daytime, the not-yet-roasting-hot days of springtime Lisbon made it possible for me to wear it with my long baby blue jacket, and therefore tone it down a little. Velvet is definitely not just for autumn/winter season!


But just take a look at those SHOES. I They caught my eye when I was running through Zara in London, and even though I was in a rush, I had to come back and get them. They are just too adorable! With the tiny kitten heels, they are not too harsh on my bunion-pained feet. And look at those velvet bows! Aww. To be honest, they are ridiculous shoes, but I love them.

But of course days spent walking around a city that still has picturesque cobblestone streets, even the kitten heel gets a bit too much. So back to the Primark mules that I already cursed in an earlier post. Oh, the horror!


I’m glad I was walking around the city slightly overdressed, as the restaurant we happened to stop by was nice enough to match my outfit. We finally visited Chapito ‘a mesa, that I mentioned in the Lisbon Food post. The restaurant is a fantastic, hidden gem with a breathtaking view, located near the castle of Lisbon. I would definitely recommend that to anyone who goes to Lisbon!


Hope you’re enjoying June wherever you are! In Manchester it’s absolutely miserable.





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