Lisbon Visual Diary: Part 2


I just can’t get over Lisbon! The streets, the people… These patch of photos is from the evening of the first day we spent in Lisbon, climbing different viewpoints, and from the morning of second day, spent in Belem. It is such a photogenic city, with all it’s rough edges and vibrant colours! The viewpoints are easy to find in Lisbon and definitely worth it.

I posted about the outfit I was wearing in Belem earlier, explaining why it made me laugh so hard. All the possible wardrobe malfunctions in one outfit!

Have a happy Thursday everyone!




4 thoughts on “Lisbon Visual Diary: Part 2

    1. Kiitos paljon! “Eloisiin” kuviin juurikin pyritään! 🙂 Ja toivottavasti pääset käymään, Lissabon on ainakin kiva kohde ihan vain viikonloppumatkallekin. Siitä vaan reissua varaamaan! 🙂


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