Lisbon Visual Diary: Part 1


I never got around truly writingย about Lisbon, but I still want to share some pictures of the happy times I had there! This is the part 1 of the visual diary posts.

The pictures are from the first 24 hours after arriving to the city. We spent the day climbing to viewpoints, eating local delicacies and taking the city in. During the time we spent there, I never actually learned to read the Lisbon map though. I’m usually pretty good with maps and I don’t struggle finding my way around, but in Lisbon I found myself constantly lost. Which is wonderful. What a place to get lost in! Lisbon truly reminds me of San Francisco with the endless amount of hills and for some certain architectural features…

I have plenty of pages for this photo diary, you’ll see. Lisbon is such a sweet city, I’m so happy I finally got to visit it!

I hope you’re ok, wherever you are.





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