I <3 MCR



I hope you’re alright wherever you are. The resent events in Manchester have made my mind go into a dark place lately, but I’m so happy to see this city come together and the people stand side by side against all the fear and anger. What a strong community this is. “Keep calm and carry on” has been the motto for many people, who are still shaken by the terror attack, but realise that it’s important to get up and keep going.

After spending the night following the news updates, I found it hard to leave the house on Tuesday. I had a panic attack, when I put my hand on the door handle. The fear of what was waiting outside took a hold of me. When I finally did make it to the centre, the atmosphere was unimaginable. The sorrow in people’s eyes was visible, many were crying. Strangers were asking each other if they were alright, talking about last night, hugging and supporting each other. The Arndale shopping centre was evacuated with people running on the streets screaming. It was a surreal day, one I never thought I would experience in here, Manchester.

All the shops in the centre closed early on Tuesday and people started gathering to the Albert’s square for the vigil. I have been overjoyed seeing how many people turned up despite the fear. The people of Manchester have shown their kindness and strength again and again this week. I sadly didn’t go to the vigil, as I can’t handle the crowd, especially not in the state of mind that I was in. Instead I walked around the silent Manchester with my camera. I thought about the victims and their families and Manchester itself. I have so much love for this place.

My thoughts are with the victims and their families, but I can’t express my feelings yet in a way that I want to. Maybe I’ll find a way later on, but for now, here are some photos of Manchester right after the tragedy. It could have been such a beautiful day.



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