The Modern Twist on The Classic White Shirt


Shirt – H&M Trend

Slacks – H&M Modern Classics

The sun is out, which is a very bittersweet thing for those of us who only get to enjoy it on their way to work. On nice days, I like to get out of the tram in the city centre of Manchester a few stops early and walk through the back alleys. I enjoy it, since it’s a different, more quiet side of Manchester.

The outfit is from H&M, once bought for a bit of different kind of a professional event. I like the untraditional use of white shirt details. The shirt is wrinkled as tide-up, loose fitting things often tend to get during the day. I do iron my shirts, I swear! But I think the relaxed and over-sized look of the shirt is perfect for the early summer days, wrinkled or not. I’ve also upgraded from black trousers to green slacks, just to add a bit of colour to my wardrobe.


I had a lovely little lunch break, during which I got sushi from my favourite sushi take-away place, Nudo, and enjoyed it outside in the newly opened Piccadilly Gardens. Surprisingly, I managed not to drop any soy sauce on my white shirt! But after laying in the sun and watching children blow soap bubbles and play in the fountains, I had to return back inside to continue the day’s work. The joy of being an adult, eh?

// I know that Manchester has gotten a lot murkier since I wrote this post last week, but the sun will return, I’m sure! I did a little trip to Finland last weekend, for the Finnish mother’s day, which made me postpone a lot of my posts. I have plenty to post about, I just need to catch up!







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