Travel Style: Lisbon When It Sizzles


Bralette top – H&M

Skirt – Stradivarius

Necklace – Kalevala

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Good morning! I’ve finally got through the vacation photos, and I’m starting the series of Lisbon related posts with an outfit post. I had so many wardrobe malfunctions with this outfit, that all I could do was laugh all day long. You know the feeling, when you think you’ve composed a nice outfit, but while wearing it, it all doesn’t quite come together?

I was laughing at my choice of shoes so hard, when I was going through these photos. I mean, look at them! It looks like a stole them from a 95-year-old. I did read from a trend report though, that the outfits that look like they’re straight from your grandmother’s closet are the hottest thing to come, so I guess I’m riding ahead of the wave. Ha ha! The truth is, I took these £4 Primark mules to the trip as back-up shoes for my heeled ones, because I tend to get a lot of blisters on my feet. At this point of the trip, I had 22. It was the second day and I was struggling, and I just wanted to be comfy, ok? Too bad that they were actually horribly uncomfortable as well. It was the same as wearing socks for a 10 km walk. So all in all, a poor and unfortunate choice of shoes. I do love flat mules though, and I’m definitely getting a new pair for the summer, but this time I’m going to make sure they have proper soles.

The H&M bralette top is very sweet and the mint sorbet green colour of it is absolutely adorable. When I got it, it fit me perfectly. But after wearing it for an hour or two, the top lost it’s shape and started revealing… a bit too much. I kept having to yank it up, which was so ridiculous I had to throw on the leather jacket, even though the heat was unbearable.

The fishtail braid was a good choice for the windy day, as the wind only made it better. The necklace I’m wearing was a birthday present from my best friend, that I had unwrapped the day before. It’s a Finnish jewellery company Kalevala‘s classic piece, and I’m absolutely in love with it. Kalevala’s classic jewellery is inspired by Viking women and company is committed to sustainable values, that include Finnish craftsmanship and the extensive use of recycled materials.

I’m continuing with Lisbon related posts later this week. I hope you’re enjoying a lovely spring wherever you are!

xoxo, Kara


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