Stripes and Denim for The Spring


I don’t know what’s up with Manchester weather. I left the house this morning for a morning jog and it literally rained one minute and the next the sun was burning my skin.  And then it rained again. I have no clue of what to wear when leaving the house! But this weather madness made me miss the sunny Saturday that we had a while ago. The sun was shining, so we grabbed our take away cafetieres and headed to the Maker’s Market at the Lowry.

I was wearing my two favourite items for this spring: this stripy Zara top with ruffled sleeves and the H&M Conscious Jeans. I actually paid attention this time when buying jeans and didn’t waste my pennies on denim that has more than 1% of elastane in them. You know it’s supposed to be a sign of long-lasting denim. I’m very fond of the stressed and relaxed (some irony there) high waisted look. Perfect for the relaxed spring day in the sun.


The Maker’s Market has people selling crafts, street food, bakery treats etc. and there’s always some live music to enjoy. The Market travels around and it is a fun way to spend a summery day in Manchester area. I can’t resist the brownies, art works or the street food vans. Here you can see the spicy chipotle bbq chicken wings, that were just as messy and delicious as they look.

I hope you’re having better luck with the spring weather!




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