The Streets of Stockholm


The day was beautiful with the cold wind and endless sunshine, when we went to Stockholm with my boyfriend two weeks ago, on a February Sunday. We headed straight to the Old Town, which has always had a special place in my heart, moststockholm_fikaly because of it’s picturesque streets. I just love walking along them and taking in all the history, imagining what kind of people have walked on them before and what kind of magic hides behind the oldest doors and windows on the street. I always photograph the streets more than anything else, when I travel. I believe you can learn a lot about the culture and atmosphere of the city by doing that. It’s street porn.

Gamla Stan, The Old Town is filled with tourists and it has some important historical sights packed in a tiny area. It also has plenty of cafes and restaurants, where you can try the Swedish cuisine and fika. Fika of course means the Swedish “afternoon tea”, but instead of tea and scones, you get coffee and cinnamon buns. Just pick a nice and cozy cafe from the Old Town and step inside to warm up.


This was my boyfriend’s first time visiting the “the Venice of Scandinavia”. We only had a day to spend in Stockholm, so we spent the most of it walking in the sunshine, enjoying the nice and welcoming atmosphere. The city is formed by several islands, so there’s plenty of areas to discover and a lot of icy water to admire. Sweden is the home of many fast fashion brands, so if you fancy doing high street shopping, the modern part of Stockholm is a good place to start.

So why spent only one day in Stockholm? We took a cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm and back. When you hear the word “cruise”, you tend to think it’s a fancy way to travel, right? Not these ones. The cruises between Helsinki and Stockholm or Tallinn (Estonia) are notoriously known for the heavy drinking and partying. Basically, it’s a floating nightclub. The old and young, getting drunk and seasick. Not glamorous at all, but can be quite entertaining, as long as you don’t fall off the iconic “beds on the wall”. If you do survive without falling off the bed, or the ship itself, until the morning, you’ll have a nice day to spend on shore, after which you get back on board and spend another night in the karaoke and overpriced drinks filled boat. But if you are planning on travelling through Scandinavia, taking a cruise ship from A to B is an option. We didn’t go crazy on the cruise ship though, instead we found ourselves enjoying some nice speciality teas in the middle of the night in one of the cafes of the ship that were open all night long. Therefore we were nice and cheery in the morning.

There’re more pictures on the travel style related post I published earlier. I really wish Manchester would soon catch up on the spring-like weather!







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