Stockholm Travel Style and Thoughts About Old Rags




After getting back from our mini trip to Helsinki and Stockholm on the Valentine’s day weekend I have worked non-stop. Non-stop. So when I finally got a day off and started looking through all the photos, I had no recollection of them! The exhaustion from past week had made the completely relaxed holiday feeling disappear faster than I thought. But now the memories are coming back to me and especially the memory of bright sunshine in Stockholm has been warming me up, while I’ve been curled under a thick throw listening to the wind howl behind my window in Manchester, which has been all the fifty shades of grey and miserable lately.

I have been doing some closet organising, and while doing that I noticed that I’ve managed to create a pretty decent capsule wardrobe by basically removing items that I never wear. I have never been crazy about shopping, and as I’ve said before, I only buy things I can imagine wearing years later and can easily combine with things that I already own. I also allow myself to purchase 2 trend pieces per season, even if I know that next year they will feel outdated. But that is the way to freshen up your style and keep it current. But most things I actually need, I already own. And that’s a relieve. When I moved to the UK, I only had one luggage of basics and favourites, so I was struggling a little bit to keep my style interesting. In a year I’ve managed to get all essentials sorted and can now concentrate on freshing up my style a little by little and updating the important items to more high quality versions. Which is easier now that I know my style and what kind of clothing I feel comfortable in.

What to do with the clothing that I decided to get rid of then? For me, old but still good conditioned clothing is good material for some diy and updating projects. An old pair of jeans becomes a lot more interesting by cropping them to an ankle length and leaving the cut look ripped and stressed. If the clothes are too worn, I simply donate them, based on the materials they are made of. H&M for instance has a simple clothing recycling system, where you can just leave a bag of old textiles (no matter the brand, quality or quantity) to the store (and you get a £5 voucher). I also sell my old clothes and buy a lot of my own things second-hand as well.

The need to only buy and own things I actually need is the reason why same items keep repeating in my posts. The shoes and black skinny jeans I’m wearing in the photos? They have appeared in several posts before. My sunglasses are an essential, as they are the prescription ones I finally got around getting. The sunny days are so much easier on my eyes now!

With my Stockholm wardrobe I was trying to channel the Scandinavian minimalistic style. The February day was cold and windy, but I found the thick jumper a perfect protector from the chill. The coat is again a second-hand find (like the one in the Helsinki post) and I’m really happy with it!

I’ll be posting some very literal “street photography” from Stockholm soon. The spring is coming dearies, keep yourselves warm until then!










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