Christmas Differences And Unwrapping the Wrapped

Happy new year 2017 to you! I hope it’s better for all of us than the train wreck that was 2016.

December was a completely silent month for my blog, due to busy schedules and computer updates. I’m very grateful for the latter though! I don’t have to wait for half a day for the mac to open anymore. But even after I got the computer back, I still decided to leave it in the corner of the desk and concentrate on spending time with family and friends, eating and relaxing. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, even though I always manage to stress myself out preparing for it. I have a bad habit of leaving the gift buying on the last minute, which means that I’m not writing “20 Best Gifts for Christmas” posts; I’m desperately reading them instead.

Living far away from my family makes christmas so much sweeter, as you actually get to travel to them after being apart for months, and do everything just like you used to. Christmas traditions seem to never change, you know. I travelled to Finland a week before Christmas and we had the meal, exchanged gifts… and had that Christmas feeling, that is the most important. We had the Finnish Christmas meal my family always has, which includes pork and beef stew, several bakes like carrot, swede and sweet potato, rosolli (beetroot, apple, pickle, onion, potato salad), ham… and sometimes reindeer as well, but my family is not too keen on that.


I guess I’m lucky, as I get to have two Christmases; one in Finland and other in England.

On the Christmas eve I cooked a traditional Finnish Christmas meal for “my English family” and on the Christmas day I got to experience my first ever British Christmas. To me, starting the morning by sitting next to the tree and handing out all the presents was a new experience. I’ll never understand how you make children wait until morning to unwrap the presents though! In Finland the Christmas meal is had on the 24th and Santa Claus comes in with the presents in the evening. But I guess Santa just gets there first…


While drinking mimosas, I unwrapped plenty of lovely presents. There were dressing gowns, Finnish chocolate, make-up and cosmetics, more chocolates… And I felt like a little child opening them.

After the lovely family moment, the whole gang headed out for a Christmas day walk. We had a time for a couple outfit photos, while the rest of the family shamelessly left me and my boyfriend behind. I can’t remember the last time I saw such sunshine on Christmas.


As I didn’t have an actual break from work for Christmas, I had set off with a weekend bag with nothing much in it. I didn’t have a clue what people wear for Christmas in England, so I just packed some current favourites. The boots have proven themselves good for walking, the second hand pleated black skirt is close enough to being trendy and the leather jacket is a fall favourite, but because it never gets as cold here as I’m used to winter being, I just keep wearing it. I’ve added some winter essentials for the cold morning weather though, the thick scarf and fluffy beanie.

One of the strangest things I unwrapped this Christmas was this H&M wrapped body that I’m wearing the photos. I didn’t really know how to feel about it, as it is a colour and style I wouldn’t normally put on. But the strangest thing happened when I started wearing it. I can easily say I have never gotten so many compliments on a piece of clothing as I have done with this one. These photos don’t quite bring out the best of it, but is an interesting piece. Maybe you get the idea from these photos taken on an extremely sunny and windy (made my face cramp and my beanie fly off!) alleyway. The body is a promotional piece from H&M, which means that the price is low to start with.


I know that modern day women don’t usually appreciate receiving clothes as presents. No one can really know your style except you, etc.. But to me, it’s interesting. I’m fascinated by the idea of the other person going into a shop, seeing something and thinking “that looks like something she would love”. To me, that means so much more than a gift card for instance. And when you unwrap something that you really wouldn’t pick for yourself, you get a chance to try on a different style, one that you wouldn’t think suited you, but someone else clearly thinks is perfect for you. Who knows, you might end up loving it and expanding your usual style.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? I’ll get back to mine on the next post.

Until later! Enjoy the January winds!

xoxo, Kara


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