The Boots Made For Walking in The Concrete Jungle

I usually pick and choose about three different trends per season, that I implement in my personal style. But they need to fit in to my already existing style. I avoid buying things that I don’t know what to combine with or that I think will only be wearable for one season. If don’t think I’ll be wearing it next year, and the year after, I won’t buy it. But some trends are just too fun to pass.


Over-the-knee boots were the first thing on my list this autumn. They have the “porn star” or “stripper” stigma, that can be a bit disturbing and difficult to mix with your everyday look, but something about the trend got me very intrigued. Maybe it’s the nordic way of thinking, because the idea of having an extra warm layer all the way to my thigh is awesome. So I started looking for the perfect pair.

I have massive problems with finding shoes. If I got three wishes from a genie, one of them would be exchanging my legs from knees down to other, better legs and feet. I’ve got the oddest things wrong with them, but right now the most painful things are the bunions, that I got from wearing heels everyday, everywhere when I was younger. Standing at work, walking around town, it all becomes so difficult when the pain in bunions takes over. Now I’m unable to wear heels because of them. So even though I love heels, I have to pass them at stores, because I know I’d never wear them. So I’m trying to have as much fun with flats as I can instead! But finding flat over-the-knee boots was a lot harder than I expected.


I finally found these black boots from H&M. What I really loved about them, is the looseness of them, which means you can pull them easily on top of skinny jeans and fit warm socks in them (I guess I’m getting old, since the ability to fit in woolly socks has become a priority of mine in boot shopping). They are also flat, which makes them perfect for strutting in the concrete jungle.


I must say there is something empowering in wearing black over-the knee boots. With higher heels the effect might be more stripper-like, but these give me more of a “cool-girl-in-the-city” feel. I would recommend every woman to try boots like these on at least, and see for yourself. They are surprisingly confidence boosting.

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I have endless ideas on what to wear these boots with, but in these photos I paired them with skinny jeans, a faux biker leather jacket and off-white jumper with high slits. Like I said in the previous post, the white jumpers (this one with alpaca!) are my autumn essentials. The outfit goes fine with the grey Wednesday, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something more interesting with these boots for the christmas party season.


I hope you’re keeping yourselves warm despite the chilly winds!




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