The Lightness of Jumper Season

I’ve been trapped in a new routine lately, as I have been working unpleasantly late hours every night. Getting home late makes me just want to bury myself under a soft throw with a cup of tea and a good book and forget about the world for a moment. Which is bad for business, if you know what I mean. Then comes Saturday, and I find it hard to get out of the bed, especially when it’s cold outside. The most challenging thing is to drag yourself to the store and figure out what to fill your fridge with this weekend so that you can sustain yourself through another week. But then you hopefully have enough time to fill your batteries, maybe have a drink or two with a friend or two.

Then there’s Sunday. I’ve taken a habit of getting outdoors on Sundays, no matter what the weather’s like. I leave the actual exercise and gym for weekdays, Sunday is just for getting some fresh air, breathing, hiking or just exploring a nearby park. It might also mean a trip to the city centre to get a hot chocolate from a christmas market.

With the weather getting colder and days getting darker, there’s one essential piece of clothing you can never have too many of: a white jumper. I’ve got 4 very different white jumpers hanging in my closet, ready for the Sunday adventures. I’m such a fan of a well designed knitwear!

On a recent trip to Heaton Park I wore an old Lindex jumper of mine with a very classic design. It’s a chunky knit with golden buttons, an unlikely thing to get out of style. For a day out in the park I was also wearing my black skinny jeans, now completely unwearable due to a massive rip. Uh oh.



It’s a happy coincidence that my brown fall boots match with my always-on-my-wrist Daniel Wellington watch so well. Ah, the joy of details.


For a day out, I literally put my hair on knots. I found the idea from a Finnish beauty blog NUDE. I made the hairdo a lot looser than the directions said, just to make it a bit less fancy and more relaxed and outdoorsy.


The park itself is a nice place to stroll with a cup of coffee. It’s a good place for families and especially people with dogs. Or people like me who need to see some dogs around to know there’s still something good in the world. Just kidding. But still, puppies! I’m so used to not seeing dogs much in my everyday life now, that when I actually do see them, I can’t help but smile. Heaton park seems to be a big favourite of canine owners around the area. But there were plenty of other farm animals to pet in the park as well.


Just look at those massive alpaca eyes! Aww. The troubles of everyday life are whisked away (until Monday morning) when you look at them. The autumn is, at least for the time being, my favourite season in England.


I doubt these kind of nature Sundays will continue now that the Christmas party season is upon us. The leaves are falling, colours of the nature are fading and there’s glitter, sparkle and plunging necklines everywhere. Ho ho ho, Christmas Party season is here!

Stay warm and cozy everyone!






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