Wandering in London: Camden

Every time I visit London I have a strictly planned schedule in mind, which includes doing a lot of things and getting to places fast. This of course means a lot underground travelling, which is very boring to me. On my recent weekend trip I had scheduled in something special: a day of nothing. The train back to Manchester was leaving late in the night, so there was plenty of time to spend the whole day doing what I love: wandering. No underground, just walking. Or maybe hopping into a bus once my feet can take it no more.

After all the morning hassle, we set off from the King’s Cross station to Camden. The walk there takes about 20 minutes.


Camden is known for it’s hipster vibe. There are several market’s where the locals and visitors can hunt for treasures, and especially the food market offers real treats to foodies. You can take a stroll by the lovely Regent’s canal while eating the street food from around the world and stop by to listen to live music. The town is buzzing with people and has a very colourful, lively spirit to it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly a side of London that every fashion or food loving visitor should experience.


We arrived just in time for an early lunch. The market’s were only being set up, but the place was already filled with people, locals and tourists. The food market was our main goal, so that’s where we headed.


Although the day was a lot sunnier than predicted, my mohair blend jumper was definitely too much. You can sense the chill of autumn in the air, but I felt warm and cozy. I was terrified that I might spill some vietnamese street food on it though, as I usually do whenever I wear white. I’m hopeless!


The journey continued from Camden. To where, I’ll talk about it tomorrow. Altogether we walked more than 25 kilometres in a day, so thank goodness my Converse proved out to be extremely comfortable!

See you tomorrow!




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