The Day at the Theatre & What I Wore for It


I had a perfect weekend in London. It included an actual day spent in the Palace theatre, watching Harry Potter and the Cursed Child part 1 and 2. I have been a hardcore Harry Potter fan since I was a ten-year-old, knitting magical creatures on handcraft classes and thinking how are they going to present Hagrid and his size in the first film, which was still ages away. I grew up with the books and they meant a world to me when I was going through difficult times as a teenager. That seems like a lifetime ago, but I still read the books regularly.

A year ago I booked tickets to see the play. The day they came out was the most hectic fangirl moment I’ve had ever since the last film came out, with thousands of people rushing to the website trying to get the system to take their money, and I was thinking to myself “this better be worth it”. I read the script of the play immediately when it came out in summer, and it’s safe to say that I had my doubts about it. There were parts of it that I just didn’t find fitting, but I was ready to see the play, both parts of it, with an open mind.

The play is in two parts and I had tickets to see them both on the same day. The first part started at 2pm and the second part ended around 11pm. In the morning, there was plenty of time to have a lovely breakfast in Chez Antoinette in Covent Garden. The place had the perfect breakfast deal that is always a bit hard to find in London. And it was delightfully simple and tasty!


What to wear for a day in the theatre? The matinee showing’s dress code is often more casual than evening showing’s, but I didn’t want to pass a chance to dress up a little bit. As I said in What I Packed post, I had this oldish H&M floral piece hanging in my closed and I felt bad for not having worn in for such a long time. I combined the dress with a jewel green blouse and wrapped it in a knot on the waist to give the outfit more relaxed look. I was going to take the blouse off for the evening, but I noticed at the theatre, that a play with such a strong fanbase doesn’t really require a dress code: wearing a cloak would have been fine. So I wasn’t stressed about the outfit anymore and wore the blouse until the end of the night.



In between the showings there was time for a quick early dinner/very late lunch. We ended up in a nearby Itsu and had some delicious sushi before the second part. There are plenty of restaurant around the theatre, but take-away sushi seemed like the fastest option.

I’m wanting to write an actual play review, but I can tell you now, that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a magical production, with very clever details. It’s fits perfectly well on West End and it could be enjoyed by people, who are not that much into Harry Potter – assuming of course that they know the basic plot line of the book series. But the dress code really isn’t strict, no one will pay attention if you show up in your pyjamas. Harry Potter fans aren’t stressed about things like that.







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