What I Packed for A Long Weekend in London

London! Oh how much I love the city. I still dream of living there, even though Manchester has definitely started to grow on me. After getting a new job last week (yay!), it was time for a little celebration weekend getaway, although the weekend had been planned through months ago. I was excited to finally breathe the (rather smelly) air of London, explore the streets that I love and visit my favourite restaurants and cafes. The London Fashion Week was on it’s full glory, but I won’t get into that yet.

The four-day-trip was about to include a play at West End, a fun day at the Warner Brothers Studios and undoubtedly a lot of walking. I only had a half of a carry-on suitcase to fit my things into, which is a tiny space for me, considering that I also need have my make-up bag in there. That alone takes up 40% of my space so uh-oh. Everyone who knows me could tell you that I’m never a light packer, but I am an excellent squeezer.



I started with the basics. Black jeans are an easy go-to essential piece for a weekend that includes a lot of aimless wandering around. But oh my, look at the knitwear! H&M’s Studio collection is wonderfully luxurious for a fast fashion company. I’m in love with the shape and softness of the piece that makes me feel like a marshmallow – or a snowball. Perfect for the autumn!

The Converse shoes are the easiest for me to walk in for long distances. I have very problematic feet and I find it hard to find shoes that don’t murder my feet after a few kilometres of walking. These oldies but goodies are yet to let me down. As a person who can’t go out without a watch on, I appreciate the Daniel Wellington watch a lot, since it pretty much goes with anything.


I’m often told that I wear too much black, since all my essentials are black. So I wanted to mix it up a little bit. High waisted Zara jeans are very light-coloured for me and I ended up pairing them with an off-the-shoulder top that is also uncharacteristically soft toned. I’m really into the trend colour of the season, caramel, which explains the boots.

My eyesight is terrible, which is why I finally got around investing on a pair of prescription sunglasses. Before, on sunny days, I’ve had to choose between wearing my glasses and squinting with the sun blinding my eyes and ruining my eye make up, or wearing just normal store-bought sunglasses, looking trendy and not being able to actually see where I’m going. But those days are over and I can finally see, which is a perk that I value in a city like London.


I wanted to only take one handbag with me, so I chose this fringy second-hand piece. I’m into fringes this year, as you can see from this earlier post.


When it comes to fancy evening wear, I tend to avoid buying more of it or at least buying things that are trendy, but that I know I’ll only wear once. I bought this H&M dress in 2014 and wore it in New Year’s Eve – and never since. My guilty conscious was bothering me when I saw the dress hanging in my closet. The deep deep green and beautiful floral pattern combined with the simple, yet interesting shape of the dress have always fascinated me. I decided to build the outfit for the theatre around it.

I was afraid the dress alone with it’s corset-like feeling might have been a bit too much for a matinee showing, which is why decided to wear a shirt on top of it. The green silk-like blouse is also from H&M and even though it’s from their new modern collection, the colour matches with the pattern of the dress perfectly. “The day in the theatre” was about to include both matinee and evening shows, so I thought taking the blouse off for the evening made the outfit instantly fancier. The outfit was completed by my silver jewellery, caramel boots, DW watch and the fringe bag.

To conclude, for my early autumn trip to London, I packed:

  • Black jeans
  • Light blue jeans
  • Mohair/wool blend jumper
  • Off-the-shoulder top
  • Green blouse
  • Floral dress
  • Caramel boots
  • Converse shoes
  • DW watch
  • Second-hand belt
  • Fringy second-hand handbag
  • Sunglasses
  • Make-up bag & lingerie

As a last minute thought I also tossed in a t-shirt and a trench coat – because you never know about the London weather! After that I was ready to hop on the train. More of that later on.

Happy start of October everyone, I hope your autumn is full of colours!

xoxo, Kara


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