Date Night: Love Conquers All And Fringes Make It Better

Manchester has been soaking in sun for the past week. Every single sunny day brings along the worrying thoughts, “what if this is the last day summery weather? What if the autumn arrives tomorrow and I won’t have a chance to feel the sun on my skin before the bloody spring for the next time?”

The fear of missing the last sunny days made me pack my computer into my handbag and spend the day drinking coffee outside while going through my e-mails. Huge mistake that was. The sun stroke that I got from that caused me to spend the next day in a dark room, desperately hiding from the last rays of sunshine. Now that I think of it, maybe the basic rainy Manchester weather suits me better after all.

But before my head threatened to explode because of the sun, I had a date night in MediaCity with my boyfriend. I got a chance to wear the lovely faux suede fringe skirt – because everything’s better with fringes, right?


We enjoyed some slightly-too-tasty drinks in LOVE CONQUERS ALL. It’s actually an independent licensed coffee house in a bit of hidden square in MediaCityUk, but the atmosphere and style of the place is really inviting in the evening as well. The details of the tiny coffee shop/cocktail bar are super cute and cosy. They’ve got bike wheels hanging from the ceiling, for crying out loud! It’s a perfect place for a date or a night out with close friends.


Especially adorable was the way the bartender cracked up when I ordered a cocktail called The Hooker. But it really was tasty.


Have a sweet Saturday night wherever you are! And enjoy the last rays of summer in a bit more cautious way than I did.



Top – Bik Bok

Skirt – Gina Tricot

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Sunglasses – Solaris


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