In Search of My Dream Castle: Castle Howard

It was one of the first dates I had with my boyfriend, when I told him about my dream of owning my own castle. He gave me a nervous laugh then, probably wondering how serious the state of my insanity actually is. But it has since become a bit of a hobby of ours to visit fancy places together – and search for a castle that I can live in, although only in my dreams.

I’m an architecture and history enthusiast so I’m drawn to the stately homes and castles in the UK (and rest of the world for that matter). I also enjoy pretending to be a princess, much to my boyfriends delight (*sarcasm*). We spent a weekend in Yorkshire a while ago, and decided to pay a visit to Castle Howard. The place is now known for doubling as Kensington Palace in the ITV drama Victoriaย (can’t wait to watch that, btw). When we visited, I wasn’t yet psyched about that though. I was in a full Beauty and the Beast mode, after reading everything about the film that comes out next year. So I was more inspired by Belle than Victoria and that comes through in my outfit choice.


I was also carrying around my fluffy friend from New Look, Arnold.

Before you even get a glimpse of the actual castle, you get to wander through the castle gardens, which are absolutely magical. This only enhanced my Belle mode, as the slightly run down look of the garden walls and smell of roses couldn’t have been more Disney.


The castle itself is beautiful, straight from the fairy tail. The building of the castle was started in the 17th century and the process took over 100 years. Part of it has been restored after the fire in 1940, but I’m a fan of the style.


The castle grounds are massive and have many interesting areas from different kind of gardens to forests, lakes and fountains. Pretty place for a wedding, I presume.



I adored the castle from the inside as well. It was a cold day, so I was happy to get inside. The atmosphere is just as magical as it was in the gardens.

I’d approve Castle Howard as my castle. It’s definitely fit for a princess.. a swan princess maybe?







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