Lazy Morning Thoughts – with Pandas


I wake up each morning at 7am, even if I don’t have anything planned all day. Although, for some reason, I very rarely get anything done before 10am. So there’s three hours of pure laziness on the mornings when I don’t have anywhere to go. Today is one of those kind of days, as I have to stay put in the apartment and wait for an engineer to come and finally fix my internet connection.

This morning I’m having a lot of those “what am I doing with my life” thoughts, that I think everyone in their early twenties is more or less familiar with. Before starting my day I like to take a deep breath and go through some Pinterest boards with a large cup of coffee. Just to get my mind off everything for a moment.

You may have noticed the Finlayson bed sheets, that we got from my two best friends as a housewarming present. The adorable print has pandas in them, deep in their thoughts. My boyfriend’s pillow says “a thought”, mine says “ajatus”, which means the same thing in Finnish. Talk about a perfect gift for a bilingual couple! I had to put them to use to celebrate the fact that giant panda is no longer endangered. Woop woop! Let’s hope these kind of news keep coming, I know I need them.

And my coffee mug? Got it from my best friend. Piilopaikka, “the hiding place” mug from Arabia, Finland is my go-to favourite on mornings like this. It makes me feel like I can just hide from the world a little bit longer.

But now I’m done with the hiding. I’ll start my day, get things done, and I’ll return in the evening to share some awesome recipes, that me and my boyfriend put together during the weekend. Deliciousness!

I hope you enjoy your day!



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