Lunch in the Owl City


I’ve got a huge soft spot for Leeds as it is the first city in the UK that I lived in. For a student Leeds is full of things to do and see. There’re nightclubs, plays and concerts, restaurants, pubs, shops, events and an overall great atmosphere. I come back to Leeds whenever I have a chance, although none of my friends from uni no longer live there. The streets, buildings and shops just remind me of good old times and I’m so happy I got to experience student life in Leeds.


I was over in Leeds to grab a quick lunch, so I was wearing the light coloured jeans that I just got from a sale, my old and beloved Marc by Marc Jacobs open-back top and my basic black shoes and handbag. I haven’t worn proper denim in years because it makes me feel overly conscious, so allowing someone to take photographs of me while wearing the jeans is a big thing for me. The top on the other hand is my favourite relaxed top, so it’s starting to look a bit.. worn. But on a relaxing day, it doesn’t matter.

For the lunch I stopped by at Filmore and Union for a healthy lunch. I’d heard they serve rye bread, which I love, so I had to try it out. The little restaurant is located at Victoria quarter, a beautiful arcade on Briggate. The arcades are my favourite thing about the Leeds city centre with their colourful glass ceilings and high-class boutiques.


Infusion with lemon and ginger replaced my usual coffee and as a lunch I had a delicious omelette – with rye bread! Unfortunately the rye bread wasn’t as tasty as I hoped, but at least the rest of the dish had proper flavour. I’d recommend the place for anyone who’s into healthy and natural food. “Natural wholefoods are the foundation of our recipes – and if we can’t make a meal from scratch, we don’t make it at all. It’s that simple.”

I miss the life I had in Leeds and visiting the city always makes me feel nostalgic. But now I have to concentrate on my Manchester life.


I hope your start of the week has been nice!





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