Date Day: Afternoon tea with a view

Out of all the traditional British ways to spend a Sunday, afternoon tea must be my favourite. Scones, tea, finger food, what’s not to love? After my boyfriend spent a week on a training course we wanted to do something special on the weekend. We booked a tea for two in Cloud23, which is located on top of Hilton hotel in Manchester – in the tall and thin building that dominates the Deansgate area, which I mentioned on my date night post. Cloud23 is not actually on top the tower though, just on the 23rd floor, which is about half way to the top. Still, pretty high up from the ground!

So what to wear on a “date day” to a rather fancy place? I went with a comfortable navy blue dress with a baby blue jacket.


Still safely on the ground, looking up to where I’m about to go.

If you’re just visiting England, be sure to have an afternoon tea. There are adorable little tea rooms, up-and-coming hipster places and modern things. I’m usually a fan of the first two, but I was up to giving the third one a go. Cloud23 is definitely worth visiting if you’re in Manchester, even if it is just for drinks. I wouldn’t recommend the place for someone who has the fear of heights though. Even I felt dizzy when seated right next to the floor to ceiling windows, but once you get used to the height you get to enjoy the view of Manchester’s city centre that is probably the best you can get.



The traditional afternoon tea in Cloud23 includes a limitless amount of hot drinks, so you get to try teas you wouldn’t necessary try otherwise. The tray of finger foods is versatile, with sandwiches, scones, wraps and sweet desserts.






We spent hours drinking teas – white, black, green and everything in between. While sipping you could see the climate of Manchester doing it’s tricks and going from sunny to cloudy and rainy. And back.




And because I’m a Finn I need a coffee to finish.



I’m still a fan of the traditional pink and fluffy tea rooms with way too much floral patterns, cushions and quirky details, but Cloud23 definitely gets a thumbs up, especially for the view and the fantastic service!

Next I’m about to write some UK travel posts, get out of Manchester for a little bit.




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