The New Start


Spring time, the new start for nature as well


The title has so much meaning to me right now. After all the difficulties that emerge once you decide to move to another country, I’ve finally settled in England. A lot is yet to be done before I can actually say that I’m living here, but everything is going well so far.

Moving away from Finland has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I’m trying to stay positive and have faith in the future and trust that there’s something new and wonderful just behind the corner. I tore myself off from everything that I’m used to and the people I love so much, and placed myself in a culture that I don’t yet have a place in. So far I’m being a house spouse to my boyfriend in a flat that we share with his co-worker. And just to be clear, I’m not cut out to be a house keeper. So I do need to find my own way. Soon, I may add.

New chapter in life becomes a new chapter in blog as well. I finally have a working computer and, obviously, some time in my hands to start posting properly.

I hope you’re having a lovely spring, wherever you are!

xoxo, Kara



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