Going over the hills to see the sun

I have to start with a HUGE apology. I have been staying away from my blog during the whole autumn. There hasn’t been a moment of rest in my schedule since August, but things are about to change. Happy news: I have finally completed my thesis, which means that I’ll attending to my  graduation ceremony in a couple of weeks. Goodbye student life, hello life as a designer – I’m kidding, I’m actually terrified.

The autumn has been filled with stress, which hasn’t been made easier by the fact that Finland is a dark and miserable place to be after the autumn colors have faded but the winter is yet to arrive. So when I got my first free weekend after a long time, I packed my bag and flew to my dear old UK. As I was only staying for the weekend, I was travelling light. As I landed, I got a sudden urge: I wanted to repeat the hike I did a couple of years ago. Climbing on top of the Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I didn’t have proper hiking clothes with me, so I had to go borrow some shoes that didn’t really fit and go through my boyfriend’s closet to find jumpers to wear. But we got on a train and ended up spending the most fun and relaxing weekend in Edinburgh.


I wanted to climb the volcano, Arthur’s seat, during the sunrise, which of course meant waking up at 6 am and heading towards the trail. It was supposed to be a romantic thing: watching the sunrise on top of the mountain with the breathtaking view of Edinburgh spreading all around us. Perfect. But no. Edinburgh had a storm approaching and wind was so awful you could not stand up straight after getting to the mid-point of the hike. We didn’t make it to the top. But the sunrise from the lower height  was beautiful too.







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