Like a Rose

Musta höyhen
Musta höyhen roses Make up and photos by Oona Heleena

I was pretending to be a model for my dear and oh-so-talented friend, Oona Heleena, when she was shooting photos for Musta höyhen (black feather in English), which is a accessory and jewelry store in Helsinki. It’s a luxurious boutique with glorious things for brides to be for an example.

The make up that was used in these photos is from Zuii and Kjäer weis. I love organic make-up, makes the skin feel amazing. The rosy make-up was created by Oona as well.

The look is very different to what I would normally wear, but that’s why I love doing things like this. Getting to see myself in a different light, in a look that I would have never thought myself to wear – it’s fun, eye opening and even a bit therapeutic! I guess it also goes back to my love for acting..

Have a rosy Wednesday everyone!


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